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Review: Lab Coast – 7″/ Pictures on the Wall (Saved by Vinyl / Eggy Records)

After not only recording one of the best albums of 2010 but also two other slabs of hiss-laced beauty in just a little under a year, Lab Coast seems to never get old. This might seem like some blogs lame way of saying an album rules, but i literally dulled the shit out of my needle and drained the batteries in my walkman listening to these classics. The 7″ opens with the happy-go-lucky “For Now” and concludes their side with the lovely “82 Will I be You”. Unfortunately, being on wax, I myself can’t walk to these tracks, but if you’re into the whole mp3 scene this beaut comes with a download card. Pictures on the Wall has a consistent feel, while although laying down surprises, the overall sound doesn’t fall far from Lab Coast’s previous efforts. The melody parts are layered with shimmered backing vocals and guitars. The structures are beautifully laid out. Just like the tape itself. Eggy outdid themselves. Using the label owners own art, which seems to be used on the majority of his releases. They definitely know what they’re doing… That being Eggy head, Raf and Lab Coast’s Chris Dadge, David Laing, Scott Munroe and Dice Parks. Buy it or hate lyfe.

“FOR NOW” (off the Extra Happy Ghost Split 7″)

“JOE LUNCHPAIL” (off the Pictures on the Wall Cassette)



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