New Wealth Plant EP – “ORYZOMYS”

New Wealth Plant EP, “ORYZOMYS” is digitally released today. Free download courtesy of Yew Nork Records.


Review: MAZES – Cenetaph/Go-Betweens 7″ (Suffering Jukebox)

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Mazes (not to be confused with the Chicago based indie-rockers of the same name) make honest, catchy, rock music with a lo-fi feel. I recieved this 7″ through a spontaneous contest held by the band around a month ago. Unsure of what to expect, I have been pleasantly surprised by this record since arrival. “Cenetaph” is a poppy, relaxed effort, that really sticks. The spirralling guitar line, backed by a driving drum beat slowly makes it’s way to your head. The 7″, which is the first release on the band’s own label, “Suffering Jukebox”, can be ordered here .
-Dylan, first-post wonder

Arc-Aids Zine Issue 2

Arc-Aids issue 2 is on it’s way! This is our ‘photo themed issue’. Containing original and found materials in black and white. Reviews and articles by Jean-Sebastien, Ingrid, and Chris Dadge. Photos by sources, Jean-Sebastien and Ingrid. Should be out by late October/Early November. Printed on Blue paper. 36-50 pages. 5$

Comes with the new “Wealth Plant” Full length CD entitled Oryzomys.


Review: America Del Sur – Self Titled (Rack&Ruin)

It might have been recorded and released 2 years ago but it could be new to you.

From the low key Netherlands based netlable, Rack&Ruin Records’ America Del Sur, Phil Cardona and Taylor Ross,two young kids in highschool  from Jacksonville,Florida who decided to start a band bring you folky rocky “white boy Jazzpop” that will not leave your ears unsatisfied in their 2008 self-titled debut. Consisiting of 10 tracks that all flow into eachother ever so nicely, you’ll hardly notice the change of song,America Del Sur takes you into a summertime trance of long bikerides,  lemonade and of course some summer romance too.Both  Cardona  and Ross manage to take their woeful tales and make them sound happy,leaving the listener in a (as I call it) “Wes Anderson”-y mood. Both happy and a little sad.

All in All America Del Sur sure is one of a kind in my eyes. Let’s not forget to mention their Art Rock project Witchporn….but we’ll read about that some other day folks.

Download the Album for FREE at:

And visit South America sometime soon!

– Ingrid

I Forgot What I Was Gonna Say[soundcloud%20url=%22]

CJSW FUNding Drive 2010

CJSW’s Annual Funding Drive is coming up pretty soon! (2 DAYS!)

CJSW is calgary’s independent comunity radio station that is listener supported.

It starts on October 22nd and it lasts till the 29th! Be sure to swing by some rad funding drive events* and also try to pledge on your favourite show! CJSW is volunteer based so we rely on the community (and our volunteers) to stay… Alive! And you’ve all been doing a good job for 26 years! So keep up the good work!

to find out more about the rad radioness at CJSW visit:

Youth Tunes : All-Ages Calgary Shows, Oct 19- Nov 1

Thursday, Oct 21 : Hot Dog Sucking Contest at Tubby Dog (103 1022 17 Ave. SW) Grown-Ups, Throwaways, Wastoids, Downers. Free. 7:30-11:30 pm.

Saturday, Oct 23 : CJSW Funding Drive at Local Library (131 7th Ave. SW, Central United Church, Alley entrance) Faux Fur, Black Bieber, Vanessa Fever, Ghost Factory and Trash Island. 10$. 12-5 pm.

Saturday, Oct 23 : Shapiro’s Shagpad (156 Tuscany Valley Way NW. Garage) Faux Fur, Tel Fyr, No You Hang Up, Lab Rat, Pierre Laporte, Kindergarden, Sunshine Radio and Reid Blakley. 2$. 5-10:15 pm.

Monday, Oct 25 : Knox United Church (506 4 St. SW) Owen Pallett :A CJSW funding drive event. 20.50$. 7-10 pm.

Saturday, Oct 30 : Local Library Halloween Show (131 7th Ave. SW) Foonyap and The Roar, The Stolen Organ Family Band and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? PLUS, there will be a collaboratively built haunted house for exploring, costume prizes and other scary stuff. 5$. 7-10:30 pm.

Saturday, Oct 30 : Tubby Dog Halloween Show (103 1022 17 Ave. SW) Downers are covering Buzzcocks, Grown-ups are covering Blink-182 and Topless Mongos are covering GG Allin. Free. 8pm-12am

Welcome To Tape Mountain: Sean Nicholas Savage

I first heard of Sean Nicholas Savage when Arbutus started distributing their releases throughout Southern Albertan independent record stores. The album “Spread Free Like a Butterfly” caught my attention instantly because of its orgy-esque collage. Sean Nicholas Savage seems to effortlessly cram endless amounts of folk hooks and affliction into every song. Totally garish teenage love songs (although some tunes are a little more obvious than others) explaining a mental misery of sorts. When the most recent track, Disco Dancing, was posted on the Arbutus site, I was absolutely floored. Savage’s overjoyed vibrato breaks through the lilting 70s snare drum and holds you in captivity until the flute emits a blissful concerto. Savage’s most recent beauty is dated to be released on November 9th via Arbutus Records. Download his tape here, and do yourself a favor and check out Disco Dancing bellow.