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Review: Lab Coast – 7″/ Pictures on the Wall (Saved by Vinyl / Eggy Records)

After not only recording one of the best albums of 2010 but also two other slabs of hiss-laced beauty in just a little under a year, Lab Coast seems to never get old. This might seem like some blogs lame way of saying an album rules, but i literally dulled the shit out of my needle and drained the batteries in my walkman listening to these classics. The 7″ opens with the happy-go-lucky “For Now” and concludes their side with the lovely “82 Will I be You”. Unfortunately, being on wax, I myself can’t walk to these tracks, but if you’re into the whole mp3 scene this beaut comes with a download card. Pictures on the Wall has a consistent feel, while although laying down surprises, the overall sound doesn’t fall far from Lab Coast’s previous efforts. The melody parts are layered with shimmered backing vocals and guitars. The structures are beautifully laid out. Just like the tape itself. Eggy outdid themselves. Using the label owners own art, which seems to be used on the majority of his releases. They definitely know what they’re doing… That being Eggy head, Raf and Lab Coast’s Chris Dadge, David Laing, Scott Munroe and Dice Parks. Buy it or hate lyfe.

“FOR NOW” (off the Extra Happy Ghost Split 7″)

“JOE LUNCHPAIL” (off the Pictures on the Wall Cassette)



Lab Coast on Eggy
Lab Coast on iTunes
Lab Coast on Tumblr


So 2009.

Last Rapes (formerly the Last Rapes of Mr. Teach, which I believe is a reference to the pirate Blackbeard) are from France and released 4 7″s in 2009, but nothin’ since.


7″ on April 77

7″ split with Sex Beet on PRT Disques

7″ on Les Disques Steak

7″ split with Movie Star Junkies on Shit in Can Records

(the Movie Star Junkies cover of the Lee ‘n’ Nancy song “Sand” on this record frickin’ killz me)

Upcoming With Yew Nork

“Chimney Seems” 2 cassette set.

“Darkening the Emeralds” & “You’re Listening to the Karykeion”

Darkening the Emeralds:
Side a –
1. Shoving, Pushing, Bringing Back
2. Someone is in the Unoccupied Home

Side b –
1. Bevel
2. Carryeon Plea
3. Lustre Inacter

You’re Listening to the Karykeion:
Side a –
1. You’re Listening to the Karykeion
2. Too Bad for the Axis
3. Lemony Tastes

Side b –
1. Falling into Crowds of Houses

Together = $6
Seperately = $4

“Too Bad for the Axis” from ‘You’re Listening to the Karykeion’

Out in Mid-Late January, 2011



Klangverkstedet is Anthony Barratt of Oslo, Norway.

About his music, he writes “inspired by tape music, collage and concrète techniques, I like using everyday sounds and other noises that are not inherently musical as the source material for my music making. The idea of creating music from the assemblage of disparate sounds and musical forms is a concept that I pursue.”

His website has has musical novelty tone wheel, plus much more information, if ya like. He makes music and sounds for animation films and is in Je Suis Animal and Salvatore I guess.

Here’s a link to a podcast he made for Cunei Media.

And, here’s some songs from bandcamp. I suggest buying them for ₤1 apiece if you like ’em. I highly recommend starting with “Henry the Horse.”



Even though this is just a recent dicovery   (I  was suprised i hadn’t ever listened to this duo(Ryan Gosling ❤ Zack Sheilds) till now.) I would love to share it with you if you haven’t heard of them. 

to learn more about Dead Man’s Bones visit:

It’s one of the best things since sliced bread. Bible. 


Some Gems for You: Top 20 Songs by Craig

This is the second installment of our top 100 songs! 20 best by Craig!

Clubman – Vacances

Emmanuel Brun – La Voix Psychedelique

Arzachel – Queen Street Gang

Bruce Haack – School for Robots

Nora Orlandi – The Bondage Suite # 2

Link Wray – Hotel Loneliness

The Archies – Feelin’ So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.-D.O.O.)

Piero Umiliani – Oltre L’acqua Del Fiume

The Ventures – Psyched-Out

Wilf Carter – My Swiss Moonlight Lullabye

Simon Turner – (Baby) I Gotta Go

Ricky Wilde – I Am an Astronaut

The Calico Wall – I’m a Living Sickness

Riz Ortolani – Cannibal Holocaust Opening Theme

Georges Rodi – Morning Song

Caravelli – L’etrange Dr Personne

The Sweet – Lollipop Man

Chicory Tip – Cigarettes, Women and Wine

Electronic Sounds – Eye of Horus

Ingfried Hoffman – Teleskoparm

Download all these tracks here


Arc-Aids Top 100! (First 10)

The majority of the Arc-Aids contributors are coming together to compile the ultimate top 100 songs ever. The first 10 were picked by me, JS, and are, in my opinion, 10 of the best songs of the 00’s.

“Run From the City” – Purling Hiss
This track encapsulates the rhythm and sound of the no-disco early 70s. Psychedelia n’ tree huggin’ rad times courtesy of these astonishing Philadelphians.

“Silence is Golden” – Woods
Rather beautiful generic chords accompanied by fitting low and falsetto togetherness. Great tune with just the right amount of fuzz.

“Cryin’ Smoke” – Ganglians
Despite the song title, the song evokes an overjoyed lyricism, second line being “Smoke my reefer in the back room”. The melody itself shouts melancholia but still gives one a childlike fab feelin’.

“In Lieu of Flowers” – Coma Cinema
Will not leave listeners aghast. Somehow capturing nervous feelings and interpreting them in a way that leaves you totally stoked.

“In the Heart of a Harem” – Young Governor
Blatant sounds coming from Canada’s big city. Ben Cook effortlessly crams endless amounts of punk shreddery and deathyells to conjure the demon that is one of many solo projects. I give you Young Guv.

“Endless Fascination” – Psychedelic Horseshit
Only recently starting to listen to their music, they already have a special place in my heart. Likely the most boisterous sounding band out there. Totally fuzzed out tunes to make you feel good.

“Rough Frame” – The Art Museums
Greatly crafted guitar riffs backed with cheesy drum machine patterns are the foundation of all that “The Art Museums” have done to date. They’re really good at it too. Debut EP on Woodsist has made me hopelessly devoted to ’em. You probably will be by the end of this listen as well.

“Let it Melt” – The Mayfair Set
Amazingly arranged tunes recorded to sound full and rich. Unfortunately, the Blank Dogs/Dum Dum Girls duo has only put out one EP. It’s a shame because 6 songs won’t feed my ravenous appetite to hear more of these strangely beautiful melodies. Enjoy.

“Mega Secrets” – Family Portrait
Family Portrait, collectively, are an ultra tight band. Everything sounds exact and blown out the way it was intended to be. Resembling melodies constructed by label mate Alex Bleeker’s project, Real Estate, but with more energy and less fi.

“How You Vanish, How You Go” – Ghost Animal
Beautiful key sounds coming from all-over-the-west-coaster, Michael Avishay. Solemn, lonely harmonies create soundscapes that leave one in the best state of all.

Download all these amazing tracks here and check back tomorrow for Craig’s top 20 albums!