Upcoming With Yew Nork

“Chimney Seems” 2 cassette set.

“Darkening the Emeralds” & “You’re Listening to the Karykeion”

Darkening the Emeralds:
Side a –
1. Shoving, Pushing, Bringing Back
2. Someone is in the Unoccupied Home

Side b –
1. Bevel
2. Carryeon Plea
3. Lustre Inacter

You’re Listening to the Karykeion:
Side a –
1. You’re Listening to the Karykeion
2. Too Bad for the Axis
3. Lemony Tastes

Side b –
1. Falling into Crowds of Houses

Together = $6
Seperately = $4

“Too Bad for the Axis” from ‘You’re Listening to the Karykeion’

Out in Mid-Late January, 2011


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