Review: America Del Sur – Self Titled (Rack&Ruin)

It might have been recorded and released 2 years ago but it could be new to you.

From the low key Netherlands based netlable, Rack&Ruin Records’ America Del Sur, Phil Cardona and Taylor Ross,two young kids in highschool  from Jacksonville,Florida who decided to start a band bring you folky rocky “white boy Jazzpop” that will not leave your ears unsatisfied in their 2008 self-titled debut. Consisiting of 10 tracks that all flow into eachother ever so nicely, you’ll hardly notice the change of song,America Del Sur takes you into a summertime trance of long bikerides,  lemonade and of course some summer romance too.Both  Cardona  and Ross manage to take their woeful tales and make them sound happy,leaving the listener in a (as I call it) “Wes Anderson”-y mood. Both happy and a little sad.

All in All America Del Sur sure is one of a kind in my eyes. Let’s not forget to mention their Art Rock project Witchporn….but we’ll read about that some other day folks.

Download the Album for FREE at:

And visit South America sometime soon!

– Ingrid

I Forgot What I Was Gonna Say[soundcloud%20url=%22]


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