Welcome To Tape Mountain: Sean Nicholas Savage

I first heard of Sean Nicholas Savage when Arbutus started distributing their releases throughout Southern Albertan independent record stores. The album “Spread Free Like a Butterfly” caught my attention instantly because of its orgy-esque collage. Sean Nicholas Savage seems to effortlessly cram endless amounts of folk hooks and affliction into every song. Totally garish teenage love songs (although some tunes are a little more obvious than others) explaining a mental misery of sorts. When the most recent track, Disco Dancing, was posted on the Arbutus site, I was absolutely floored. Savage’s overjoyed vibrato breaks through the lilting 70s snare drum and holds you in captivity until the flute emits a blissful concerto. Savage’s most recent beauty is dated to be released on November 9th via Arbutus Records. Download his tape here, and do yourself a favor and check out Disco Dancing bellow.


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