yes sir!Today ,I found myself purchasing books three and four of the Dollanganger Series.(Flowers in The Attic by V.C Andrews) And I purchased three other books on Amazon yesterday,but more about those later!

I thought i wouldn’t lay my hands on them after reading book two,Petals on the Wind. Cathy (Catherine) the narrartor of the story is quite the snob (lets not forget to mention whore) at times and it gets on your nerves but what keeps you going is all the scandal and love affairs and incest. INCEST. I only agree with it in movies and books because it always gives such mediums some extra spice,if i may be so bold.

Then there’s poor Christopher,her older borther who is madly in love with her,it’s kinda gross.Gag. Then the two youngest Carrie and Cory. ugh all the “C”s annoy me but anways they pass on at one point and it’s all boo hoo. And Cathy just hates her mom and blah and blah and Chris just loves her after all she’s done (you’ll only find out if you read it!) And their Father,you may be wondering? well he…. JUST READ IT. 

Good book review eh? 

haha but to be completely honest, I really enjoyed the two first books and I’m sure you will too,after you get past all the “Momma”‘s in the book.  Now i just have to finish the other book  i’m reading ( A Dirty Job by Cristopher Moore) which is pretty goddamn funny so far, so hopefully the next book “review” i write doesn’t suck as much!


love always,


P.S: What’s your Back to School Reading list?


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  1. Im gonna be reading Ender’s Game 😀

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